ConnectNow Development

Browser-based diocesan software for annual appeals and capital campaigns.

Manage Diocesan Appeals

ConnectNow Development offers integrated software and professional services to help dioceses achieve more successful appeals. From managing fundraising, pledges, and gifts to tracking campaign goals and parish incentives to online giving and lockbox options, ConnectNow Development is a proven solution in 17 dioceses that delivers:

  • Higher mailing and data accuracy
  • Parish self-service reports
  • Comprehensive reporting on the web
  • Integration with census, Online Giving, and your local bank
  • Insight into giving patterns and trends



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More Successful Appeals

As part of the total ConnectNow solution for dioceses, ConnectNow Development tracks annual appeals and delivers up-to-the-minute data any time you need it. And because ConnectNow's integrated database lets you connect your appeal process with the most accurate family name and address information available — directly from your parishes — the great communications in which you've invested time and money will reach more donors. The result: increased giving levels with less administrative effort and cost. Plus, ConnectNow Development provides robust, flexible reporting; so you can get exactly the data you need for statements and thank-you letters, real-time progress reports for parishes, and accurate information for your overall campaign. Over time, ConnectNow Development delivers the data needed to identify donor giving patterns over time, anticipate trends, and tailor campaign efforts for greater impact and increased success from year-to-year. Learn more.



Full parish census, integrated with your appeals

Online Giving

With Online Giving, your diocese can offer parishioners a secure, PCI-compliant electronic giving method on your custom website, branded with the imagery and message of your annual appeal. Parishioners enter their own pledge and account information in the system, and with the push of a button, their gifts are instantly entered into the ConnectNow Development system. Thousands of churches and dioceses use this system, which has secured millions in online gifts. Online Giving is included with the ConnectNow Development program, as part of the ConnectNow Diocesan Suite. The same Online Giving program is available for all of your parishes — and it's included with the ConnectNow Offering program for parishes. Learn more



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Lockbox Import

ConnectNow's Lockbox Import option lets you electronically post pledge and contribution information from a data file that you receive from your bank or other processor. Lockbox Import is ideal for any deposits received and processed through a banking institution. So whether you use a bank lockbox or an electronic giving provider other than ParishSOFT, your ParishSOFT products can save staff countless hours of manual posting. ParishSOFT imports the data file and posts pledge and contribution records — hundreds of records, in seconds — to the appropriate funds and families in your software.


Professional Services

ParishSOFT's Professional Services are a great way to accomplish process mapping, project planning and management, change management, training, and all phases of implementation efficiently — without reinventing the wheel. Our staff has helped thousands of Catholic dioceses and parishes through successful transitions.


Product Brief
ConnectNow Diocesan Development
Customer Spotlight
5 Ways to Rock Your Annual Appeal
Case Study
Detroit Drives to Success with New Technology

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Archdiocese of Detroit
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  "We've cut our processing time in half, so we can spend more time on customer service."

Tracy Kelly, Assistant Controller
Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL

"DDM will let us give pastors better information that they can use to meet their parish CSA goals."

Terry Kach, Associate Director of the Annual Appeal
Archdiocese of Detroit, MI


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