End Of Year Contribution Statement Guide

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End Of Year Contribution Statement Guide

End of Year Contribution Statement Guide


Post all contributions received in 2015.

Before Running Your EOY Statements

These quick and simple steps help ensure that your statements are accurate and that they are delivered to the correct place the first time, saving you time and money.

I. Audit Family names and addresses.

II. Audit Fund names and settings.

III. Post all tax-deductible contributions with the previous year's posting dates.

IV. Print populated registration forms for member audit.

V. Print Family and Member Statements.



     I.        Audit Family names and addresses.

a.    Find and fix any blank names or address fields in your family data—before you mail any statements. When you use the tools listed below, this audit is quick and easy. 

                i.     From any ParishSOFT module open Reports

      ii.    ParishSOFT Reports

     iii.    Click Census Menu

     iv.    Family Filtering and Sorting.

b.    Set Filters to:

       i.    Registered? = Both

      ii.    Envelopes? = Both.

     iii.    Click the Show Results button to view the query results screen.

c.    To find blank Mailing Names

       i.    Right click the Mailing Name column header

      ii.    Click the Sort Ascending A–Z menu option

     iii.    Fix any blank Mailing Names in your Family Directory module.

d.    Follow the same procedure for

       i.    Addresses using the Address1column header.

      ii.    Zip codes using the Zip column header.

   II.        Audit Fund names and settings.

a.    Click your Add/Edit/Delete Funds button in your Offering Module.

       i.    Are fund names clear and accurate?

b.    Are tax deductible and nondeductible funds marked appropriately?

  III.        Post all tax-deductible contributions with the previous year's posting dates.

a.    All contributions received before December 31, must be posted with a that year's posting date.

  IV.        Print populated registration forms for member audit.

a.    Send populated registration forms along with your Contribution Statements. Ask your families to review their information and communicate any changes to the parish office or update themselves in ConnectNow My Own Church.

       i.     From any ParishSOFT module click Reports

1.    Click ParishSOFT Reports

2.    Census Menu

3.    Other Reports

4.    Family Registration Forms.

    V.        Print your Statements for Families or Members.

a.    From Any ParishSOFT Module:

       i.    Open Reports – ParishSOFT Reports – Contributions Reports – Periodic Contribution Statements (EOY Contribution Statements for Families in older versions).

      ii.    Click on the key icon.

b.    Start in the upper left side:

       i.    Select the date range desired (typically for End of Year Statements – January 1st through December 31st).

      ii.    Select Both for the registration status.

     iii.    Select Only Contributors.

     iv.    Select Everyone for the first time you run the statements (can choose a specific family for reprints or if only printing for those that requested statements). By default the program selects all Tax-deductible funds so there is no need to click any additional funds.

      v.    Select your Body of Statement (the letter that will appear in the statements). Be sure to close that window with the door icon in the bottom (Do not click Add or Delete).

     vi.    Select the Sort Order.

    vii.    Select the number of columns desired on the Detail Stmt Columns (3.6 versions and above).

   viii.    Select the check box Include Pledge Info if desired (this will display the full pledge history for the funds selected, not just contributions made during the dates selected).

     ix.    Verify the Honor ‘Do Not Send Mail’ Requests is deselected (recommended when mailing tax statements).

      x.    Verify the Include IRS Disclaimer in footer is selected.

     xi.    Click Recalculate.

    xii.    Select the type of statement you want (either the Detail Family Statement or Summary Family Statement).

   xiii.    Click Print Statements.

c.    After the Print Preview opens print your statements as normal.

        i.    Print a second copy to a .pdf file for the church records or to easily reprint a statement when someone calls for an additional copy of their statement.

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